Martha Douglas was Cecilia's youngest sister. It is likely that she looked upon her big sister as an aunt, as she was in the same age group as the Helmcken children. After Cecilia's death, Martha began writing a diary, but makes no reference to her eldest sister, except to say:"Feb.4, 1866 ... anniversary of sister Cecilia's death."

Between 1872 and 1874, Martha was sent to school in England to, as her father says ". . . get rid of the cobwebs of colonial training and give you a proper finish." He would write he a few lines to her almost daily, and send them in a letter once composed. These "Letters to Martha" are available in the British Columbia Archives (BCARS EB 124A 1866-1869), and provide fascinating insight into the Victorian era and the Colonies early civic and provincial development.

Martha married Mr. Dennis Harris in 1878, a grand affair in high Victorian style.

James William Douglas Family Album


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